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Our Day Spa is ranked
as one of the
best & top day spa
for Body treatments,
body wraps &
body therapies
located in Alexandria
within 5 miles of Fairfax, Washington DC,
Arlington & Maryland

Body Care
Heaven!! Pamper yourself while receiving one of our results orientated treatments. Whether you’re looking to smooth, detox or slim Fountains has the treatment you’re looking for.
Fountains day spa offers the best body treatment and body wraps our day spa also offers body polish and body scrubs and the best back facial.
Our body wraps and body treatments are given by our expert massage therapist using organic and natural ingredients.

Body Polish 50 min. $93.00
Exfoliates dead, dull surface cells. Gentle, nonabrasive sloughing, leaves skin ultra smooth. Our gentle body exfoliate is very effective in removing rough flaky skin without irritation. Containing Micronized buffing beads Apricot Powder and three amino acids. This specialized combination of effective ingredients penetrates the epidermis to attract and lock in moisture, accelerates epidermal cell renewal, and lifts away surface dryness to leave skin petal-soft. Begin with body polish then a warm shower ending with an application of body butter.
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Back Facial 50 min. $164.00
Improve the appearance and tone of the skin with our customized back Hydradermie. Minor to major back breakouts are calmed as muscles are relaxed. This relaxing treatment is a deep cleansing and de-stressing treatment specifically designed for the back and shoulder area. Includes exfoliation, extractions and customized mask.
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Black Baltic Mud Wrap 80 min. $173.00
The organic silts used are collected from deep underneath 30,000 year old fresh water lakes in Eastern Europe.
From this eighty minute service you will benefit from the promotion of detoxification, extraction of pore clogging impurities, the improvement of your skins texture, and hydration.
It promotes cell oxygenation for an overall feeling of good health and well-being.
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Acti Sea Body Mud 80 min. $173.00
The most luxurious and indulgent of spa therapies. Begin with a full-body exfoliate followed by a rich organic mud wrap. Relax in a cocoon of warmth while you receive a foot or scalp massage, ending with a shower and moisturizing body butter.
Our most effective treatment for smoothing, stimulating, and detoxifying skin and body. This wrap contains a potent mix of five French seaweeds including, Laminaria, Fucus, Ulva Lactuca, Spirulina and Sea Rocket submerging the body in pure marine actives to stimulate, firm and moisturize. This sophisticated combination of ingredients offer vitamins, iron, iodine, amino acids, sterols, pantothenic acid, lecithin, essential fatty acids, and mucilage. Together they work to stimulate the thyroid, promote decongestion and waste elimination for better skin smoothness, rebalances and restores proper hydration, and prevents future skin damage by fighting free radicals.
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Mighty Tighty Body Wrap 80 min. $173.00
After a gentle scrub, a deliciously scented mask crafted with real banana and turmeric extract is painted on. This mask really packs a punch with pro-vitamin A, to noticeably firm skin and erase the look of fine line on your arms leg chest and back.
You are cocooned in warm blankets so the body can absorb the active ingredients of the mask. While wrapped, float away, listening to relaxing music under low lights with either a head or foot massage. Once the mask is removed a light application of a rich Shea Butter is applied to keep all the goodness in.
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Healing Greens Body Wrap 80 min. $173.00
This superpower spa wrap treatment is of the highest hydrating ingredients!! We invigorate the skin by applying a body polish packed with vitamin E to dry skin to remove all traces of rough, lackluster, dead cells.
Now as you become more relaxed as your body is painted with a creamy Avocado butter Mask, which locks in moisture and deeply nourishes the skin. You’re then wrapped up to secure that the active ingredients can work their magic and penetrate deeper into the skin, leaving it ultra-hydrated and with a more youthful glow. While cocooned in antioxidant bliss, enjoy either a head, or relaxing foot massage. After removing the mask you’ll receive a generous application of shea butter to lock in hydration, emerging totally relaxed with new more youthful skin.
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Chocolate Lover's Revitalizing Body Wrap 80 min. $173.00
This treatment begins with a sweetly-noted, fine-grain scrub, to buff away dead skin cells and roughness. The body is then painted with a warmed creamy organic chocolate masque, that is loaded with nourishing ingredients such as coconut milk, cocoa, vitamins and CoQ10, a powerful antioxidant. Next you are gently cocooned into a warm wrap to allow all the active ingredients of the masque to penetrate and work their magic. While you’re wrapped, up experience a relaxing head or foot massage.
After the masque is removed a final application is performed with a deliciously-scented Shea butter, leaving you feeling ultra hydrated and protected from the outside elements.
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