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Fountains Day Spa
422 South Washington Street
Alexandria, VA
Fountains Day Spa Holiday Specials

Yule be Delighted!

An exquisite experience from head to toe!
This specialized package leaves you in the hands of two expert therapists both working on you at the same time for 80 minutes.
One therapist is at your feet, performing reflexology and hand & foot exfoliation; while your Esthetician is giving you our Ultra Hydradermie Facial.

Your whole body will have the feeling in a state of total relaxation.
This package is just shy of 2 hours, yet the results leave you feeling as though you’ve spent the whole day at the spa!

Package Includes:
  • Ultra Hydradermie
  • Reflexology (55-Minutes)
  • Hand & Foot Exfoliation
  • Full time needed to complete package: 3 Hour
    Normally $370
    Special Price $333
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    Holiday Escape

    Get ready for the holidays by beautifying yourself. Start your package off by getting hot with our 80 minute Hot Stone Massage.
    This massage uses warm stones throughout the massage to work out the muscle tension and knots in the body while warming you from the cold.

    Follow this service with our luxurious Ultra Hydradermie Facial to cleanse, hydrate, exfoliate with the addition of lymphatic drainage facial massage to aid the skin in getting rid of toxins.
    After facial massage, the Aromatics mask is applied for a healthy glow. Leave the spa as beautiful and tranquil as ever.

    Package Includes:
  • Hot Stone Massage (80-Minutes)
  • Ultra Hydradermie Facial
  • Full time needed to complete package: 3 Hours
    Normally $349
    Special Price $314
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    Holiday Recovery

    The package that has it all and more! Start off your spa day with our Black Baltic Body Mud Wrap.
    This treatment uses specially formulated Black Baltic Mud, a nourishing substance collected from organic silts beneath 30,000 year old freshwater lakes in Eastern Europe.
    After a gentle body exfoliation, you will receive a masque of Baltic mud with the added detoxifying blend of essential oils.
    Then, you will be wrapped to absorb the mud's healing properties.

    Next, you will be finishing up this package with an Ultimate Reflexology session. Reflex points on the feet and toes relate to the body’s organs and nervous system.
    These points are stimulated with a specific type of pressure, encouraging your organs and nervous system to release toxins and tension, to achieve a harmonious balance.

    Package Includes:
  • Black Blatic Mud Wrap  with Detoxifying Essential oils blend (Juniper, Lemon, Bergamot)
  • Reflexology (55-Minutes)
  • Full time needed to complete package: 2.5 Hours
    Normally $304
    Special Price $274
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    Couples Tranquil Retreat

    Do you and your significant other love couples deep tissue massages?
    Well, we have the perfect package to offer you guys! Our Couples Bamboo Massage is the best way for you and your honey!
    This package includes either a 50 or an 80 minute Bamboo Massage, so that you can pick time increments that best works for you.

    During the massage your therapists will use warmed bamboo stalks of varying sizes and diameter to apply deep pressure by kneading the muscles with the bamboo stalks.
    Not only does this sooth sore muscles, but it also increases circulation, and aids in providing a sense of deep relaxation.

    Follow this treatment with fresh fruits and gourmet chocolates as you sink further into relaxation mode.
    This out of body experience will finish with our custom designed, and individually customized facials.

    Package Includes:
  • Couples Bamboo Massage (50-Minutes)
  • Couples Individual Hydradermie Facials

  • Full time needed to complete package: 2.5 Hours
    Normally $545
    Special Price $490

    • Couples Bamboo Massage (80-Minutes)
    • Couples Individual Hydradermie Facials
    Full time needed to complete package: 3 Hours
    Normally $688
    Special Price $619
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    Twelve Months of Pampering

    There may be twelve months in a year, but there is only one you, with one face and one body. What does that mean?
    That means that it is up to you to take care of your one face, and your one body during all twelve months of the year.

    As an end of the year special we are offering a series of twelve (12) Hydradermie Facials and/or twelve (12) 50-Minute Combination Massages, at a discounted rate.
    Simply giving yourself a reason, each month, to take care of yourself.

    Lastly, although this series is intended for you to treat yourself for the next 12 months, should you be unable to complete all 12 sessions, they will roll over to the next year for you to redeem then.

    This series special is also available for you to purchase as a gift to someone else if you would prefer.
    Package Includes:
  • 12 Hydradermie Faicals
  • Normally $1476 Special Price $1250

    • 12 Combination Massages (50-Minutes)
    Normally $1284 Special Price $1090
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    Offer good Now thru December 31, 2017
    Discounted Gift certificates (including Spafinder Certificates) cannot be used to purchase Monthly Specials,
    nor are these specials eligible to be purchased as a discounted gift certificate, as they are already discounted.

    Packages are designed for one recipient, and cannot be split up between multiple recipients
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